Barber's Shop Automotive and Scooter ServiceOur customers have often told us that our shop itself is a work of art… We agree. For more than 30 years we have specialized in the maintenance, repair, and restoration of sports cars, motorcycles, and scooters. Our focused expertise is upon Alfa Romeo, Lotus, MG, and Volvo automobiles. In the field of motorcycles and scooters, we cannot remember a time when there has not been an Italian, British, German, or Japanese motorcycle or scooter receiving our attention.?As you might imagine, the owners of these marques also own and use other makes. So, of course we work on our customer’s other vehicles as well.

Today, we are ‘re-engineering’ our business to include the sale of new scooters. Currently, we represent the Kymco, Benelli, TGB, United Motors, ZAP and Bajaj scooter marques. In addition to offering these scooters for sale, we are also a complete service center for all of the brands we offer. And, just like our policy on four-wheeled vehicles, we service most other make and model scooters as well, both vintage and modern. Our “Official Shop Vehicle” is a vintage Vespa – another of our shop specialties.

We choose to express our “Art” through the pleasure we receive and offer in servicing, using, and repairing these specialty vehicles. In pursuit of this, we have come to realize that our shop has become somewhat of a ‘Faberge Egg’. Our walls, office, and customer waiting area are adorned with much of the vehicle memorabilia we have accumulated over the years. We’ve even gone so far as to save the front and rear sections of a few of our favorite Alfas, had them refinished by a local body shop, and mounted them on the walls!

We look forward to being of service to you too! Please give us a call (916) 448-6422.

Sacramento Alfa Romeo, Lotus and Volvo Service

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